Life, death, food, and parts unknown

Anthony Bourdain’s absence will be felt acutely by those in the culinary and travel industry. He was a silent mentor, a teacher, and a guide too many. As we scramble to pay our respects to a man many of us hardly knew personally, let’s not lose sight of the legacy he created in the kitchen and out. I believe the best thing we can do to honor Anthony Bourdain is to continue to fearlessly explore what is unknown to us, to share the untold stories (our own and others), make those stories important and visible. 

Where's the chocolate milk?

Do you remember your first school lunch? I remember finally being old enough to go to school and attending half-day kindergarten. There were two significant privileges for a 5-year-old, being chosen to lead the pledge of allegiance and retrieving the milk from the cafeteria where the "big kids" ate their lunch.