I have proudly been a ‘Hospitalian’ for over 13 years now. I started in hotels as a Front Desk agent and done everything from washing dishes to General Manager and now finding my life’s passion of being a Sommelier at the InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

I am currently a Certified Sommelier with the full intent of reaching the Master Sommelier certification. This is a long hard road to travel that requires a lifetime of dedication but I truly couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am very proud to have worked at some of the most gorgeous hotels across the country from Hawaii to New York and for world famous chefs like Michael Mina.

I am lucky to call legends in this industry like Bobby Stuckey or Rajat Parr friends because if it wasn’t for people like them, this industry wouldn’t be nearly what it is today. Like them, I too believe that hospitality comes first in this world and paying forward any information you know to the next person is the utmost important.

I also have passed my Certified Specialist in Wine, graduate of Northern Arizona University Hotel Management program and am working towards my MBA at Johnson and Wales University. To say the least, I love to learn because I really do believe in the saying that ‘knowledge is power’. 

In my free time, I love to be near the ocean. I have started sailing lessons, scuba diving, and my favorite, surfing! Nothing beats the calmness of the open water with the wind behind your sails or catching that perfect wave.

For my future, I plan to be as nomadic as possible and travel the world. At the end of the day, I believe meeting the person or family behind the label on a bottle of wine is the true experience. I want to understand the history, culture, food, and personalities of each of those persons wine that I have tasted. 


Matthew Arnall